PIOU PIOU - alpin - Week end & WEDNESDAY

A fun skiing initiation area reserved for children between the ages of 4 and 7, equipped with small and varied courses, equipped with a snow wire (ski lift) specially designed for the little ones.

Children are supervised by qualified instructors and assistants.

Online registration and payment : available the Sunday evening before the chosen course.

The Piou Piou, Sifflote, and Ourson medals are acquired in the form of an ongoing evaluation, as soon as the child has changed groups (yellow, blue, purple) please go to the ESF office to collect the level certificate, a medal will be offered to you.


PIOU PIOU - alpin - Week end & WEDNESDAY

Skis and shoes are not provided.

The helmet is not mandatory, but advised.

For safety reasons on the snow wire, avoid scarves and gloves connected by a string.

The snack is offered.

When the child is in the care of the instructor, it is best not to stay in the club grounds and around, the photos and films will be taken at the end of the course.

In case your child does not want to ski (blood, anger) you will be contacted to get it back. Please leave a phone number in the child’s pocket or glued to the headset.

Please ensure that your child is insured for the consequences of accidents related to skiing .

In the calendar of the online reservation and purchase process, make sure to select 2 dates when filling in your dates of stay.

No cancellation or postponement is possible, we advise you to add cancellation insurance to be properly reimbursed in case of illness.

Please make all arrangements on busy days to arrive at ski lessons on time.

Don’t cheat on your child’s age.